Shops and supermarkets


Retail is a fast developing network in Russia.

But to create and keep up a high reputation of your supermarket or a business centre you will need highly professional staff to work there.
“OK Partners Group” has successfully worked with network clients in a Retail segment. For this time period we have got a reputation of a reliable partner providing the best personnel. 

We can offer the following services to shopping centres, supermarkets and shops:


If the company personnel are not on its payroll you can optimize your human resources and taxes. Besides, you’ll avoid unnecessary risks as for any employment legislation violations.   


It’s not a secret that a company image depends a great deal on the way it looks. First impression you get is when you come into a supermarket or a shopping centre and see how clean it is there.


Staff outsourcing is one of the best ways of saving company finances. We can provide you a desired number of staff with any skills and qualifications and what is also important - for a desired period of time – whenever you need it most.

We offer a package of services to help you create a fresh and comfortable atmosphere in your retail outlet. They are as follows:

  • WC cleaning
  • servicing kitchen and trading premises
  • wet and dry cleaning
  • walls, windows, floor skirting and facades washing
  • washing floors with professional products to keep them clean longer
  • rubbish picking and removal
  • sweeping a surrounding area
  • landscaping
  • elevators maintenance
  • delicate cleaning of furniture and interior design items

Key advantages of “OK Partners Group” :  

money saving

You will avoid financial losses connected with equipment outage, lack of workers or furniture damage.

you will have no risks

Our company takes all responsibilities.

better financial reports

When you have reduced the number of workers on the payroll you are going to have better figures in your financial reports.


  Partnership with “OK Partners Group” is your way to success and prosperity.