Production companies

Efficiency of an enterprise much depends on professional and in-time personnel recruitment.


With staff availability you can set the goals and successfully meet them either at a mid- or small-sized production companies.
Our company takes leading positions in recruiting personnel for production companies in Moscow, Moscow region and the adjacent areas.

We offer the following range of services:

Personnel Outstaffing

Thanks to this service you can put your company’s staff on some other company’s payroll.  On one hand you’ll get rid of a load of paperwork and you’ll avoid labour inspections on the other.  

Cleaning of production enterprises and equipment

We professionally clean manufacturing units and other premises. We use modern cleaning equipment and environment friendly safe detergents.


We offer catering (a mobile canteen or a restaurant) to serve your enterprise personnel.
We can decorate a canteen or other dining areas and provide all necessary equipment.

Car park management.

We’ll provide a security control over your transport, machinery and other equipment.

Key Advantages of “OK Partners Group”

We provide a wide range of services.

We do cleaning of manufacturing units and other premises including cleaning of corridors, WCs, halls and adjacent areas. Besides sanitation we also perform a pest control.

We fulfill difficult tasks.

Our professionals can do wet and dry cleaning and also clean your premises off paint, oil, grease and other resistant dirt.

We use environment-friendly and safe detergents.

The detergents we use are made according to sanitary regulations and are safe for your personnel.

High-quality work

We always do our best to provide high level of works performed at production companies.


If you want your enterprise to work more efficiently and get a 100% success please, call “OK Partners Group”.
We are happy to be your reliable