Logistics and warehousing


Our company has a leading position in an outsourcing field. We have successfully worked for years with reliable partners and can offer a package of services in “Logistics and Warehousing”.


They are as follows:

  • Cleaning of warehouses and equipment
  • Sanitation of premises and equipment
  • Cleaning of premises
  • Cleaning of any other areas needed
  • Personnel out-staffing
  • Staff recruitment for product delivery, shipping, unloading and appropriate storage.

We have the following professionals to fulfil logistic tasks:

  • store men
  • wipers
  • loaders
  • picker-packers
  • warehouse operatives
  • stock-pickers
  • forklift drivers
  • despatch drivers


We offer a package of services – a “turn-key” catering to serve the workers of warehouse complexes.

Car park management.

We offer a package of services for garages and parking lots including:

  • cars security
  • car park insurance
  • keeping up a proper condition of premises

Key advantages of “OK Partners Group”:

individual approach to each customer

We develop a flexible programme of warehouse services to meet every customer’s  needs.

we always keep to hygiene and safety standards and also take into account the specific needs of the area we work in

we use environment friendly safe detergents that make cleaning process delicate to materials and equipment and at the same time help to reach the highest quality standards.  In logistics we work with modern

equipment and do our best to meet every customer’s needs.

«OK Partners Group» is a reliable partner when it comes to making logistics and warehousing work more efficiently.