Qualified staff is a key to your company’s success. But to keep its own staff your company needs a lot of time and finance. Here comes out-staffing to solve your problems.  

Out-staffing means a transfer of a company’s staff to another company. In this case the employees go on working at the same company but are on the payroll at another company.     

Out-staffing Advantages

You delegate your responsibilities.

With out-staffing a contractor- company takes responsibilities before state inspection authorities. From now on you won’t be fined by a labour inspection or a state migration service as the staff members working for your company are legally employed by another company.

No more payroll and HR headaches.

From now on you won’t have any staff payroll problems and there will be no need for personnel sourcing and screening as we’ll do all these for you.

Tax optimization.

With out-staffing you’ll avoid any staff-related taxes and other expenses.

Why “OK Partners Group”?

  • We have sizeable personnel of professionals of different kinds.  With us you can set any tasks and goals – our team will help you make them come true.
  • There will be no need for you to waste your time and money recruiting your own staff.
  • Your company will start working more efficiently as we’ll provide you the best possible candidates and take control over the staff.
  • We take all the responsibilities before the state authorities for the personnel we provide. You’ll avoid any staff-related fines, penalties and warnings.


We are always here for you if you want to increase your company’s efficiency and avoid any staff-related risks.
Out-staffing with “OK Partners Group” is your way to success!