Any company wishes to increase its efficiency and reduce the expenses for staff recruitment. It becomes possible with an outsourcing service.

Staff outsourcing is one of the smartest ways of saving company’s finances and is widely used by many foreign enterprises. Thanks to outsourcing a company gets professional flawless personnel aimed to succeed and achieve high results.

This service can be provided both on one-time and long-term basis depending on customer’s needs. The staff offered can be of high-skilled workers such as lawyers, accountants and economists and of workers servicing premises (cleaners, wipers, lift men etc.)    

Outsourcing company has highly professional personnel and all necessary technical means to successfully fulfill the tasks a customer sets.   

Outsourcing Advantages

saving your finances

There will be no need for you to appropriate funds for personnel sourcing and screening.  You won’t need to pay for holidays and days-off and think of hiring extra staff for seasonal work.
In total the amount of money you can save with an outsource service can make 30-50% of a company’s payroll budget.

high quality work

With an outsourcing service you avoid risks of hiring low-skilled workers.

use of foreign labour force  

Thanks to outsourcing you won’t need to hire cheap labour force. A contractor- company will do it for you.  

no  HR headaches

Your HR managers won’t need to have endless interviews searching for the right candidates and signing the contracts with the workers they are not sure of.
Besides, you delegate all your responsibilities as for the staff social guarantees etc. to a contractor-company including inspections of the state authorities.

no payroll headaches

Your accounts department will have less paperwork and there will be no need in endless payments.

low costs

You will benefit ordering an outsourcing service with our company as we have the best prices for it.


If you choose the policy of efficiency and money saving, an outsourcing with “OK Partners Group” is what your company really needs!