Staff leasing


Leasing or staff rent is becoming a more in-demand service in Russia, because it’s the service solving your HR problems with minor risks and low expenses.


Staff leasing is a short or long-term rent of employees aimed to fulfil different tasks at an enterprise. In fact it’s a temporary staff hired at certain times or periods when a customer needs his business to run smoothly and successfully.

When is staff leasing absolutely necessary?

  • when the work is seasonal, e.g. grounds cleaning in spring or summer
  • when it’s a peak-load at manufacturing and an extra-staff is required
  • to carry out a project you will need a one-time staff hire
  • when the rate of a staff turn-over is very high and the expenses for the staff sourcing and screening are out of a company’s budget

Staff Leasing Advantages

Very low costs to hire the right staff

You won’t need to waste your time for a staff sourcing.
You won’t need to provide your workers with social guarantees and welfare.

Staff change when needed

With a staff leasing service you can change the staff you hire as many     times as you want, so you could get more skilled and efficient workers.      


You can always get a desired number of the specialists needed within a short period of time.
Key advantages of “OK Partners Group”:

less HR work

We take all responsibilities as for a staff sourcing.  We also do all the paperwork related to the staff employment.

no payroll and taxes on your part

We make all the necessary payments to the staff, i.e. salary, taxes etc.  

we are responsible for a staff employment

We do a thorough check of workers IDs and other documentation with the State Security Service.
We also make sure all our workers get a special training and are carefully instructed.


If you want to avoid unnecessary financial and economical expenses and provide a high quality work at your enterprise you should call “OK Partners Group”!