OK Partners Group” offers a package of operation and maintenance services. They are as follows:

  • Operation, maintenance and repair services of facilities and their surrounding grounds
  • Administrating systems and equipment
  • 24 hours emergency support and quick service recovery
  • repair– construction works and general upkeep
  • creation and implementation of all necessary rules, regulations and instructions for a facility’s operation, certification of systems and equipment and documents management
  • interaction with public authorities, utility providers and resource-supplying companies
  • interaction with tenants and other owners as for a facility’s operation
  • facility management ( coordination of infrastructure – cleaning service, security service, customer service, parking and catering services, network administrating, landscaping etc.)   
  • extra work ( high rise and façade services, landscaping, dry cleaning, equipment washing, surfaces and furniture cleaning, deratization, disinfection and desinsection etc.)
  • outstaffing (providing personnel of any skills for work at your facility)

How we cooperate:

  1. To start “OK Partners Group” will send their estimator to audit your facility’s engineering systems.
  2. Together with our Customer we choose the way we cooperate:
    • Outstaffing of technical staff (our professionals work on day-to-day basis according to a schedule and maintain a Customer’s facility using customer’s tools and materials).
    • We provide a complex service with fixed charges. In this case a facility will be managed by our engineer assisted by a technical team of professionals. They will be equipped with their tools and use their materials. An engineer decides how many workers have to stay in charge and takes Customer’s orders in case the problems can’t be solved by on-duty professionals.
    • Optional Service. Together with our Customer we make a list of technical problems that might need frequent maintenance. There’s a price for each option.  When a problem occurs, a Customer’s representative contacts our engineer managing the facility and a team of professionals is forwarded to the facility to fix the problem. In case the problem is not on the list, then another agreement has to be signed before our team starts fixing it.
  3. When we have chosen the way of cooperation we do the final calculations.