Surrounding grounds cleaning


Everybody knows that the first impression a customer gets is the way a company and its surrounding grounds look.

If they are clean and well-kept, it makes a good feeling of comfort both for a company staff and a customer.  Besides they contribute to the city look and in this case you are not going to be fined by municipal authorities for dirt and rubbish.

To keep your grounds clean, we offer our cleaning services.

You have leaves in autumn, snow - in winter and rubbish in surrounding grounds in a summer time. Moscow is the city where municipal authorities pay a special attention to the condition of such areas and they are to be cleaned.

Winter grounds cleaning consists of 2 stages:

  1. snow and ice clearing
  2. snow pickup  

Summer grounds cleaning consists of leaves sweeping and pickup. Also storm drains should be cleaned and rubbish picked.

Key advantages of cleaning with “OK Partners Group”:

high-skilled professionals

Our team of professionals are well-trained and have related skills. All our workers know their job very well and are ready to fulfil your tasks. While cleaning they will also be taking care of the surface of concrete steps and pavement tiles.  

high quality equipment

For grounds cleaning we use manual and mechanical equipment. We have tractors for snow clearing and leaves pickup, forklifts etc. The equipment is always in a good condition as our workers do its maintenance and technical support on a regular basis.

individual approach to each customer

We provide this service to our customers both on a one-time and seasonal basis. You can choose any of the options depending on your needs.


Our workers will do your grounds cleaning fast and within a set time period.

We value your time and our reputation.


We are always here for you if a “turn-key” grounds cleaning is what you need.