Клининг, дополнительные и сезонные работы


A type of cleaning services depends on a season. In different seasons you will need different services. It is applicable mostly to surrounding grounds, facades and doorways.  An exterior of a restaurant, a hotel, an office, a shop or a manufacture is an inseparable part of its image and reputation in general.

“OK Partners Group’ offers the following range of basic and extra service of buildings, structures and their surrounding grounds:

post construction or renovation cleaning up

We’ll clean all types of surfaces off paint stains, glue, construction grouts and materials, dust and other types of dirt. We’ll also arrange a trash pickup and clean a surrounding area.   

carpets and upholstery cleaning

Carpets tend to absorb dust, sand and other fine pieces that are hard to reach and stay on the bottom of a carpet damaging it. If a carpet is not properly cleaned it will easily get worn and become a source of dust in the air. Even hovering with a wet vacuum cleaner will remove only 10-15% of a carpet dust.  

We do the following types of carpets cleaning:

  • dry cleaning
  • wet cleaning
  • intense cleaning

solid surfaces cleaning

Solid floors can be of granite, marble, sheet vinyl, vinyl or ceramic tiles, wood strip and mosaic, laminate, PVC and other floorings. But any flooring will get worn out undergoing mechanic (wear, cuts, chips) and chemical (water, dirt, salt) exposure.

There are certain methods to prevent wear of flooring and restore its gloss.
Complex cleaning (including dry and wet cleaning of premises) can also be done with extra services like waxing, varnishing, polishing and crystallization.

windows, shop windows and facades washing

The first thing a customer notices when he comes to your company is the way the building looks and that’s why it should be perfectly clean. Our company is very experienced in facade and window cleaning. The process of window washing is always well-organized and of high quality. Our personnel are specially trained and use professional detergents, equipment and tools. For cleaning of hard-to-reach places and window washing we attract industrial climbers or use sky lifts.

granite and marble care

 Though stone is one of the long lasting natural materials it needs special care and regular cleaning.

industrial climbing and high-rise services:

  • façade repair and painting
  • window, façade and shop-window washing
  • pressure washing of facades and metal structures of different heights
  • painting and waterproofing of metal structures
  • roof waterproofing and maintenance
  • roof and façade snow/ice/ icicles clearing
  • trees removal and hazard pruning
  • climbers 

Key-advantages of “OK Partners Group”

low costs

Cleaning with our company will reduce your expenses as you won’t need to keep your own cleaning staff.
We also accept payments for our service via bank transfers to make it easier for you.

individual approach to each customer

We are always ready to meet every customer’s needs and provide our services at the best suitable time for you.

reliable partnership  

We take responsibility for the quality of cleaning we perform and also for the objects that are within the area of cleaning.  

If you need professional cleaning with a 100% quality guarantee, then please call “OK Partners Group”!